WebRocketX Change Log

Summary of what has changed in each version of WebRocketX. All newer versions are backward compatible.


Version Number Release Date Changes
1.6 4/4/2020
  • Added JSON capsule type - Allows JSON text to be included in the body of the capsule. The framework will return the JSON evaluated into an object in the successful callback parameter. It was possible, previous to this version, to send json but a "trick" would have to be used like using the "pre" tag or a "textarea" tag, and then the developer would have been responsible for evaluating the json.
  • Added disableNavigation global variable - Enables the developer to utilize WebRocketX for independant async calls only without having the browser side navigation feature enabled.
  • Bug fix - Unintelligible error message when form not found during form submission - Calling submitAsyncForm with a form name that couldn't be found was returning an error message that did not indicate the true nature of the problem. Now a precise error message is given.
  • Bug fix - Developer feedback textarea position improvement - The developer feedback text area was interfering with the dragging of modal capsules when they overlapped each other. CSS was improved to eliminate this.

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